How To Prevent and Correct Damage to Your Earlobes

When you think of cosmetic surgery, ears aren’t really what comes to mind. Most people think breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and facelifts. But the appearance of your ears, or earlobes, makes a huge difference in how you look, especially as you get older. Loss of collagen and volume, misplaced or stretched out piercings, even just the regular wear and tear from heavier earrings, can take a toll on your earlobes leaving you with a less than desired look.

So what are the most popular ways to handle or better yet, prevent ear damage?

Post Earring Lifts
Oversized earrings look great when your earlobes are tight and voluminous, but as you get older, they lose collagen which makes it harder for them to hold statement earrings securely in place. To prevent damage (or further damage) to your earlobes in the most affordable way, try Levears with its patented Earring Stabilizer Technology that lifts post earrings upwards for a more confident, youthful look.

Levears has a structured curl for each ear, the right and the left, which you can adjust for your perfect fit, because no two ears are alike. Your favorite studs, chandeliers and oversized tear drops will sit upright, face forward (instead of sloping down) regardless of their weight. Levears Earring Lifts come in a variety of high-quality materials from 14K yellow gold, sterling silver and even tarnish-resistant stainless steel.

Earlobe Repair Surgery
Some people go for the same surgery that repairs splitting, which is when the earlobe actually splits into two. For them, it’s less about droopy earrings. But why go for such an extreme solution, when only dealing with mild sagging? This means repeated visits to surgeon, local anesthetic, re-piercing, risk of infection and over six weeks of healing. Did we mention a $400 to $900 price tag depending on where you go?

Dermal Fillers
Finally, a third way to deal with sagging earlobes is with fillers. To restore the appearance of earlobes, people visit their dermatologists for Restylane or Juvaderm injections. For fuller, more plump earlobes, patients pay about $500 to $600 per syringe for younger-looking earlobes that last anywhere from six to nine months.