The Levears Effect: Made By An Innovative Woman For Fabulous Women

A few decades ago, Robin, a renowned jeweler and gemologist, realized earrings didn’t always sit upright for customers, leaving them with less than a desired look. Why? For many, the issue was stretched out earlobes due to years of wearing heavy earrings. For some, it was poorly-placed piercings. For others, aging and loss of volume were the issue.

Determined to find a solution, she began doing research. When Robin realized there was nothing on the market, she developed her own prototype and handmade them for many of her repeat customers. Needless to say, word of mouth made demand skyrocket. Soon, customers purchasing lifts without earrings was a regular occurrence.

Five years and countless iterations later, Levears were born. After some initial testing, it was clear there was a need for the lifts in the market and that nothing like them existed. And so, the company launched. Today, anyone can look fabulous in any type of post earring, from heavy statement pairs to oversized favorites and dangling must-haves. Levears come in a variety of materials, one for every price point, including 14K gold and stainless steel.