About Levears


What are Levears?

Levears are the instant lift solution for drooping or sagging earlobes. Simply replace your existing backs on any post earring with Levears, and wear your earrings with confidence.


How do Levears Work?

Levears leverage the part of your ear above the pierced hole. This gives your earrings an instant lift to make your earrings feel secure and stand upright. In addition, Levears are designed with a left and a right to conform to the shape of your ears.


How do I put my Levears on?

Check out the diagram at www.levears.com/how-it-works/ for instructions on how to wear your Levears.


Who can wear Levears?

Levears can be worn by both men and women of any age.


How durable are Levears?

Levears are made in gold and silver, and will not wear out over time.


Can Levears break?

If you put your Levears on like you would a normal earring back and then adjust the curl to face up, Levears should never be damaged.


Will Levears work on my earrings?

Levears can be worn with any earring that has a post.


What if my post does not fit Levears?

While Levears fit on almost all earring posts, it is possible you can have a pair of earrings with a different post size. Your posts can be changed easily to fit Levears. For more information on how to do that, please email us at info@levears.com.


What if I don’t have a problem with my earrings?

Many people don’t realize a problem exists until they try Levears on and see the difference. In addition, Levears works by spreading the weight of your earrings over a larger area and leverages the strong tissue on the back of your ear to help prevent your pierced ear from drooping over time.




How do I order Levears?

Click on any of the links saying Order Now on our site, or visit the store at www.levears.com/store to place your order.


Where does Levears deliver?

Levears currently delivers anywhere in the United States. For international orders, please email us at info@levears.com.


What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

If your Levears do not arrive on the day you are expecting them or if the product is damaged, please email us at info@levears.com so we can resolve the issue.


How safe is my personal information when ordering on the site?

We take great care in ensuring any personal information you provide us remains confidential. We will never sell or share any of your information to unrelated third parties.