Choosing Earrings: Which Is Best For Your Face Shape

Earrings are a great way to frame your face, add attention to your best features and show off your personality. But with so many options out there, how do you know what best fits you? Don’t worry, we’ve broken it down for you in a simple diagram and even added some hairstyle ideas for a complete, enhanced look you can feel confident in.

Oval faces feature foreheads as wide as cheekbones and can pull off practically any type of post earring. Dangle earrings look especially good, drawing attention upwards without too much width or length for a great balance. An updo looks great with this style combo, perfect for any special occasion.

If your face is more on the rounder side, its widest point is across the cheekbones, so post earring teardrop styles look best. They can add drama, elegance and femininity to your face. As far as hairstyles, think sophisticated buns, soft pony tails and braids. With rounder faces, studs aren’t a good fit.

There isn’t a lot of narrowing happening in square faces, which means jaw, hair line, chin and forehead all make a square. The most flattering earrings boast dimension as well as elongated and dangling features. Exaggerated shapes such as angular or rounded edges help soften the face too. The long bob a la Keira Knightely or layered, flat-ironed hair like Gwyneth Paltrow looks great on this type of face shape.

Heart-shaped faces get narrower toward the chin, earrings that are wider at the bottom create more balance. Tear drops are great, chandeliers too, but no studs for this face shape. For hairstyles, think blunt, wispy bangs, shoulder-length loose waves or a sleek, stylish sleek crop.

Prominent cheekbones scream diamond face shape. The forehead and chin are narrower than the center of the face, so soft dangling long earrings look best. Deep side parts, layers, and hair behind your ears are the best styles for the chiseled features.

So which earring style is best for you?