Rebecca is a collection of quality Italian earrings making fine design and high fashion accessible.  Their versatile styles are wearable, with creations for nearly every woman’s lifestyle. We sat down with the team at Rebecca, and asked them some questions regarding their process and inspiration.

What inspires you?

Rebecca is inspired by the world around us.  We observe our surroundings and reflect them in our designs of each of our collections. This is why Rebecca jewelry is always meaningful; even in the most minimalist look.

How do you define your brand and your style?

Rebecca means femininity and character, always with a touch of fashion. Our brand has developed adding value to non-precious materials and our style differs from that of other brands because it always brings with it the classic appeal of the jewel and its royalty, but with a touch of modern style.

How does your design process start when creating a new pair of earrings?

It usually starts from an inspiration, an idea born during a trip.

What we look for in each new design is how to best enhance the features of a woman. Embellish without weighing it down.

What are your favorite types of earrings to design/wear? Studs? Statement? Tear drops?

It is difficult to choose a favorite.  We have created a pair of earrings for every occasion.  We can choose a light design for a day at the office, like the one from our last collection ‘Copenaghen’ or ‘R-Zero’.  For an evening out look, we can be more sophisticated with stones such as the earrings in the ‘London’ or ‘Hollywood Stone’ collections.

How do you think earrings express a person’s style/fashion sense?

Earrings are a very personal accessory, perhaps even more than a necklace or a bracelet.  Women have different preferences; some prefer longer and bolder options while others prefer studs or minimal earrings even for the most elegant evenings.  They define the style and personality of a woman.

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