Huffington Post: This Simple Device Solves A Major Problem For Pierced Ears

STYLE & BEAUTY 01/16/2017 05:29 pm ET
This Simple Device Solves A Major Problem For Pierced Ears
Say goodbye to those droopy studs.

Years of wearing heavy earrings can stretch your ear piercings and make your earrings droop. While getting a surgical “lobe lift” is one option, surgery isn’t for everyone. With the help of a more supportive earring back, you can ease the pressure on your lobes and get rid of that saggy look.

Earring backs that are specifically designed to keep your earrings lifted, like Levears, can help your earrings sit more comfortably. Levears’ patented earring backs claim to “leverage the part of your ear above the pierced hole” to distribute the weight of your earrings across a larger area of your ear. Ultimately it aims to alleviate the stress on your actual piercing hole and lift your earring at the same time.

Rapaport: Levinson Debuts Levears Earring Lifts

Robin Levinson created Levears, a product that prevents earrings from pulling down, sagging, flopping forward or stretching the piercing and earlobe. She said that Levears prevents further stretch and tear to earlobes that have lost firmness over time and the support backings work by leveraging the part of the ear above the pierced hole to spread the weight of an earring over a larger area.

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Claire and Dan Marino join the Levears Team!

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Claire Marino, wife of Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino, was one of the first clients to receive an early pair of Levears. The Marino’s were so impressed with the dramatic results that they decided to partner in the venture. “When Dan saw the earring backs for the first time, he immediately realized the magic of what they do. He brought them home for me to try and I was amazed at the difference it made with my earrings,” said Claire Marino.