Designer of the Month: Buddha Mama

Join us in welcoming Nancy Badia, Buddha Mama jewelry designers inspired by “doing what you love and giving back.” The spiritual designer marries her love for the arts with philanthropic endeavors, donating proceeds from her sales to nonprofit foundations such as Kristi House and Tibet House. The essence of Buddhism shines through her collections where she continuously pays homage to Eastern traditions. You can find Buddha Mama jewelry online and in boutiques and department stores across the country.

What inspires you?
Traveling is where a lot of inspiration comes from. Architecture, lighting, nature- these are all things that truly catch our eye anywhere we go.

How do you define your brand and your style?
Bold, meaningful and fun to layer and collect. All black and tons of jewels, doesn’t get better than that.

How does your design process start when creating a new pair of earrings?
Either with a stone or an idea first and then we source the stones. Earrings are definitely one of our favorite pieces to create.

What are your favorite types of earrings to design/wear? Studs? Statement? Tear drops?
Statement earrings. The bigger the better!

How do you think earrings express a person’s style/fashion sense?
Earrings really do say a lot about someone’s style. Dainty, medium or big- there are so many options when it comes to earrings and they can complete an entire look.

After spending 25 years working side by side with her husband, building their family business, Nancy decided it was time to embrace life in a more creative way while continuing to honor her spirituality. Nancy and team began traveling the world in search of stones, carvings and artisans who could become creative partners and allow her to bring her renderings to life. Several years and collections later, Buddha Mama has evolved into a fully expressed and unique jewelry line, with pieces in each collection that speak to every woman. With one of her daughters by her side, jewelry designer, Dakota Badia, the designs continue to expand. Check out the collection here.

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Rapaport: Levinson Debuts Levears Earring Lifts

Robin Levinson created Levears, a product that prevents earrings from pulling down, sagging, flopping forward or stretching the piercing and earlobe. She said that Levears prevents further stretch and tear to earlobes that have lost firmness over time and the support backings work by leveraging the part of the ear above the pierced hole to spread the weight of an earring over a larger area.

To read full article, click here.

Claire and Dan Marino join the Levears Team!

dan picture

Claire Marino, wife of Hall of Fame Quarterback Dan Marino, was one of the first clients to receive an early pair of Levears. The Marino’s were so impressed with the dramatic results that they decided to partner in the venture. “When Dan saw the earring backs for the first time, he immediately realized the magic of what they do. He brought them home for me to try and I was amazed at the difference it made with my earrings,” said Claire Marino.

Casual Earrings

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