We sat down with the designers at KMO Paris this month to learn what inspires them. KMO Paris has elegant, dramatic and glamorous styles.  For over a decade, founders Caroline and Francois-Xavier have poured their heart and soul into KMO Paris, creating jewelry that is unique, sensual and exudes femininity.  Each of KMO’s pieces are created using their unique Kamelite process, where genuine Sterling Silver powder is mixed with an unlimited range of colored resins.  This industry first material construction allows magnificent light reflection in an endless range of color across our collections, including trend driven styles such as the perfect ombre effect.  The metal base is composed of Magnesium-AL, another KMO Paris innovation, making their pieces lightweight, oxidation-free and naturally hypoallergenic.

What inspires you?
We are constantly inspired by everything that surrounds us: from geometry to fashion, but also from the beauty of nature to the cleverness of architecture and its way of reinventing space. Our imagination is always searching for new shapes and trends, mainly by observing others and their culture. Our various trips around the globe have allowed us to get a better understanding of these unique cultural aspects which inform each collection. Inspiration is everywhere we look, what makes our inspiration unique is our way of interpreting what we see.

How do you define your brand and your style?

Our brand is a tribute to all the feminine and bold ladies in this world. Our style allows them to express who they are, their unique character and desires. KMOParis has developed unique shades of colours, offering the perfect match to any woman’s style and personality. We also have different ways of adding just the right finish to every piece with different nuances of sparkle, therefore allowing each person to choose whether they’re going for a very glamorous look or just a subtle hint of shine.

How does your design process start when creating a new pair of earrings?

Given that our main focus is on creating bold yet comfortable pieces, each pair of earrings is based off our signature alloy of magnesium-AL. This allows all our designs to remain extremely lightweight and built for all-day wear. Since we are not limited on the size and the shape due to this proprietary alloy, we can truly let our imagination guide us and explore an unlimited number of designs. Comfort, design, and innovation are the main key words regarding the design of our earrings.

What are your favorite types of earrings to design/wear? Studs? Statement? Tear drops?

Definitely Statement! They can never be too big as long as our customers feel special wearing them!

How do you think earrings express a person’s style/fashion sense?

Earrings are a special part of one’s appearance, especially since it’s the closest piece and frames a face. They are a direct extension of facial expression and movement and thus play a very important role in the expression of one’s personality. They have the capability to light up someone’s face, making it more glamourous, bold, elegant. Earrings can actually tell a lot about a women’s fashion sense, her confidence and more importantly, her audacity that can be expressed discreetly through this most feminine accessory.

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